Sukesh Wishes Valentine’s to Jacqueline And Called Gold Digger to Another Actress

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In fact, it is a matter of Tuesday when Sukesh Chandrashekhar was presented before the Delhi High Court in the case of 200 crore rupees Scam, when he was leaving after the appearance, He wished Bollywood actress and his ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Fernandez a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and called actress Nora Fatehi a “Gold Digger”.

Sukesh Wishes Valentines to Jacqueline and called nora gold digger
Sukesh with Jacqueline

Actually when Sukesh was being taken to police custody after hearing, a reporter asked him a question about his and Jacqueline Fernandes, to which he replied, wish her Happy Valentine’s Day from my side.

Then a reporter asked him that Jacqueline has said that you have used her, then in response to this, Sukesh said that he does not want to comment on this. “Jacqueline may have some reasons of her own because of which she said this but I do not want to comment on this”, he replied.

Then a female reporter asked him if you had given money to make Nora his girlfriend. And then he answered this question with great confidence in such a way that “he does not comment on Gold diggers”.

Sukesh calling Nora Fatehi a golddigger may anger Nora’s fans but Sukesh knows Nora more than fans because fans only see Nora on the big screen but Sukesh has seen her personality in real life as well.

Earlier, in a statement issued by Sukesh through his lawyer, it was said that Nora Fatehi has always been jealous of Jacqueline. At the same time, he also said that Nora has brainwashed him a lot against Jacqueline because Nora wanted him to leave Jacqueline and start dating her.

By the way, Sukesh is neither so handsome nor does he have any direct connection with Bollywood, so there is only one thing that attracted these actresses towards him is Money.

Those girls who only run after money are called gold diggers, so Sukesh’s calling Nora Gold Digger in a way is not wrong either. Tell us what you think about this by commenting below.

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