Famous Bollywood Actresses Also Fail in Front of Gadar Film Villain Amrish Puri’s Daughter Namrata Puri, Know How She Looks in 2023

Do you know about Namrata Puri? If you are crazy about Hindi cinema, then you do not know Amrish Puri, it is not possible. But may be you don’t know about namrata puri If not then today we will tell you about Namrata Puri and how she looks and what she does.

Amrish puri and his role in Bollywood

Talking about Hindi cinema, Amrish Puri has been a well-known personality although today he is not among us but the roles played by him make him seem alive even today. He gave a new identity to the role of Villain, he used to play the role of Villain with such fervor that even in real life people were afraid of him sometimes.

Why is he in the headlines again?

He played the role of a villain in the 2001 film Gadar, in which Sunny Deol was in the lead role. And Amrish Puri sir played the character of Ashraf Ali in it, which was so strong that he rules the hearts of people till date, his dialogues are quite popular even till date. Because right now the shooting of the second part of the Gadar film is going on and Amrish Puri sir is not in our midst and people are missing him, that’s why it is in the headlines these days.

Namrata Puri and her connection to Bollywood

If we talk about Bollywood, nepotism is seen in abundance in Bollywood, every day the children of some big stars keep debuting with one or the other film, so Amrish Puri’s fans want his daughter Namrata Puri to try in Bollywood. Although Namrata Puri is also very beautiful but she does not like acting at all, she wants to stay away from the limelight, by profession she is an engineer and she also has her clothing brand.

She is very active on social media and is also seen promoting the products of her brand. She is beautiful so fans keep asking her about her Bollywood debut but she does not show any interest in Bollywood.

So what happened to the fans of Amrish Puri, will the dream of seeing Namrata Puri on the big screen remain a dream or will it be fulfilled sometime in the future, only Namrata Puri herself can tell. See her pics given below and decide by yourself whether she’s beautiful or not.

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Gadar 2 Villain Role

If Amrish Puri sir had been alive now, he would have been the director’s first choice for the role of villain in Gadar 2, but now he is not among us, Rohit Chowdhary is going to play the role of villain in his place.

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