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Before watching top 5 Anjali Arora viral videos, let’s know a little bit about her. Whoever makes reels or is fond of watching reels, almost all of them know Anjali Arora, some know by name, some know by face, some know by the name of kaccha badam girl.

Although she used to make reels earlier also but this video was the turning point of her career, after this video she became quite popular across the country and people started knowing her. She has more than 12 million followers on instagram and every day one or the other of his videos goes viral. Her instagram handle is @anjimaxuofficially. Now let’s see her top 5 viral videos. 5th one is her viral mms video of full 14 minutes length. 

Anjali Arora Viral Videos

Kaccha Badam Viral Video

Friends, when the “Kaccha Badam” audio went viral, many people made reels on it but there was one girl whose video went viral across the country, yes we are talking about Anjali Arora. Her kaccha badam reel has made her face value and now her this specific video has more than 31 million views, more than 65000 comments and more than 2 million likes.

See Anjali arora viral video : kaccha badam

Gadar Film Villain Amrish Puri Daughter Namrata Puri

Short Skirt Viral Video

Recently another video of her has gone viral in which she is seen dancing on Libianca’s song named “People”. For your information, let us tell you that in this video she is wearing a very short skirt and while showing dance moves, her panty is also visible which is of black color.

Many people have liked this video of her, but seeing the comment section, it does not seem that anyone is liking this video, let’s see what is the reaction of the people in the comment section.

One user wrote that the more money a person has, the more he becomes naked. Earlier you used to look very beautiful but now I am not interested in you.

Pointing to his viral MMS, another user wrote that because of your antics, DSP sir is not being promoted.

See Anjali Arora Viral Video : Short Skirt

Revealing Secret Of One Night Stand

This viral video of Anjali Arora is from a TV show called Lockupp which is a show of Alt Balaji and MX Player and hosted by Kangana Ranaut. In this video, Kangana Ranaut asked her to reveal a secret of hers, then she told that she had gone to Russia where she was attracted to a hotel receptionist.

And She needed some money so he took 5000 rubles from him and also had a party with him in the night. Let us tell you that Rubles is Russian currency and 5000 Rubles in Indian currency is approximately equal to 5600 rupees.

She didn’t clearly say that she slept with that receptionist but she hinted that she had one night stand with him for 5000 rubles. Rest you watch the video and understand by yourself in which direction she was referring.

See Anjali Arora Viral Video : Secret Revealing

Insulted by Kangna on National TV

Actually this video of Anjali is from when she went in the show “Loackupp” as a contestant and that Kangana Ranaut asked her the question that what do you do because of which you are so famous. So she said that people like what I do, they like to see me.

Then Kangana played her Kaccha Badam viral reel and after seeing that, asked her that what you have done, it is neither dance nor emotion.  You are not showing any song so what is this then Anjali said that people like to see me like this. Now you watch the video and understand whether it was her insult or not.

See Anjali Arora Viral Video : Kangna Ranaut

Anjimaxuofficially Viral Mms Video

Almost all the videos we have talked about so far were made by her and shared by himself but one of her MMS video was also leaked in which a 40-45-year-old she is seen doing obscene acts with and it seems as if she has made it viral deliberately because in the video she is seen looking at the camera many times, Due to which it is suspected that this video is being made with the consent of her.

This video of her became quite viral and there was a lot of ruckus on it. Some people believed that she had done this intentionally to gain fame so that it could come in the eyes of the people, while some people believed that it was a conspiracy to defame her. Rest you see yourself and judge whether she did it intentionally or not.

Video link is given below, from there you can copy the link and paste it in your browser and download the video.

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Is Anjali Arora in a relationship?
Yes, Anjali Arora is in relationship with a digital creator named Akash Sansanwal.

When was Anjali Arora born?
She was born on 3 November,1999

What is kacha badam dance girl name?
Anjali Arora is the viral girl of Kaccha Badam dance video.

What is Anjali Arora famous for?
She is a content creator, dancer, actor and social media influencer.

Where is Anjali Arora from?
She is from Delhi, India.

Final Words

Friends, this post is only for educational purpose and it is not our intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments, it is not our intention to defame anyone. Hope you have liked this post of ours, to see more such posts, you can bookmark our website or visit our home page and explore more posts.

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